• Did you know your area is next in line to be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN), and that there are a few provisional requirements before the NBN can be connected to your house?
  • To qualify for an NBN installation you will need a suitable location as well as a dedicated power point.
  • Furthermore to keep the installation tidy we recommend a wall mounted enclosure to hide the unappealing look of the NBN devices and cables.
  • Do you currently use a landline phone? If so then you will need a new phone point to connect to the NBN service.

DNA Electrical Systems can prepare your house for NBN connection by installing a power point, NBN enclosure, and all necessary data and phone points throughout the house to suit your needs.

Getting nbn ready



Being nbn ready means your property developer has signed up to have the nbn network delivered to your new home or premises. So as soon as you move in you can enjoy the speed and connectivity of the nbn™ network through your preferred phone or internet provider.

Your new nbn ready home will give you the opportunity to be more productive, creative, efficient, and connected. This is the lifestyle that everyone in Australia is increasingly embracing – a lifestyle that’s fuelled by the benefits of fast broadband.

Video streaming, entertainment on demand, online games, music and photos, access to international TV, news and sport, you can enjoy the entertainment of your choice on every connected device in your home. Watch it, share it, stream it, whatever you like, whenever you choose.